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Akure Aphyosemion-Fundulopanchax gardneri

Discussion in 'Fish Profiles' started by MOD_Dawn, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. MOD_Dawn

    MOD_Dawn Active Member

    Also:Aphyosemion gardneri

    Family:Killifish, Aplocheilidae
    Characteristics:2.75 ub, male more colorful and larger.
    Tank/Water:12.5g, water types 2-4, 74-81F.
    Care:Keep one male with several females in small, dark tanks. Small roots and plant groups provide hiding places when several males are kept together in larger tanks.
    Habits:Insect eater that inhabits extremely shallow bank regions of tiny rain forest and savannah streams in Cameroon and Nigeria. Males defend territory.
    Compatibility:Epiplatys, African barbs (such as Barbus barilioides), lampeyes.
    Fundulopanchax gardneri.jpg

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